These Are The 10 Best SLAYER Deep Cuts

Slayer were undeniably one of the most important metal bands in the history of the genre. Taking the template of the early proto-extreme metal acts like Venom, Mercyful Fat and Motorhead, Slayer cranked up the pace, evilness and general extremity – and became icons in the process. Very few artists conjured up the rabid fan … Read more

Lucian Ban on Solo Improvisation

Creating a program of solo piano music is the ultimate challenge for any improvising pianist. The music on my latest album, Ways of Disappearing (Sunnyside), is really improvised—I just started playing—but the end result is not a stream-of-consciousness performance, nor does it come out of nothing. It comes from years of applying a certain approach … Read more

Alastair Macaulay: New 3-act ballet by a harmless composer – Slipped DiscSlipped Disc

norman lebrecht June 03, 2022 First review of last night’s Covent Garden premiere, special to Slipped Disc Like Water for Chocolate by Alastair Macaulay In the twentieth century, new three-act ballets were rarities. Of those that did come along, very few were made to new music of importance. Yet the ten years that … Read more