#HaltCutsToPRSF. Statement/ Open Letter from Music Organizations – London Jazz News

Over fifty music organisations, including several from the jazz community, are co-signatories to the following statement published today 6 June 2022: Twenty-one of the signatories “THE FUTURE HEALTH OF THE UK MUSIC INDUSTRY — AND OUR EXISTING HARD-WON IMPROVEMENTS IN REPRESENTATION FOR WOMEN AND MINORITIES — ARE UNDER THREAT FROM A DRASTIC AND POTENTIALLY DEVASTATING … Read more

ProgPower USA XXI: Day Three Recap

ProgPower USA XXI Day Three Recap: Entering into its third quarter, Atlanta’s cabaret of progression and power continued to hit pay dirt. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. The enthralled masses of rock and metal consumers that had descended upon Center Stage Atlanta on June 1st for the 2 years in the making ProgPowerUSA XXI event … Read more

10 Tracks by Kate McGarry I Can’t Do…by vocalist/composer Nicky Schrire – London Jazz News

In LJN’s series where musicians write about their inspirations and idols, London-born, South African-raised and Toronto-based vocalist/composer Nicky Schrire writes about Kate McGarry: Kate McGarry. Photo credit David Goddard Nicky Schrire writes: Some jazz vocalists can interpret the heck out of a song. That means delivering the verse and chorus and making the oft well-known … Read more

ProgPower USA XXI: Day Two Recap

ProgPower USA XXI Day Two Recap: Following a riveting opening evening, the musical eclecticism and excellence factor is pushed into overdrive. Advertisement. Scroll to continue reading. Absence has a unique way of making the heart grow fonder, and the opening evening of 2022’s ProgPower USA festival was treated with the level of elation that one … Read more