Meghan Markle tells how Prince Harry helped her when she was in a 'disastrous state'

Meghan Markle tells how Prince Harry helped her when she was in a ‘disastrous state’

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has told how her husband Prince Harry gave her the number of a mental health professional to call during her “worst moment”.

On the October 11 episode of her ‘Archetypes’ podcast, titled ‘The Decoding of Crazy’, the former Meghan Markle revealed how Harry found a professional to call.

“I mean, I think at my worst moment, finally connecting with someone that, you know, my husband had found a reference to call,” Meghan said. “And I called this woman. She didn’t even know I was calling her.

“And she was checking out the grocery store. I heard the little beep, beep, and I was like, ‘Hi,’ and I show up and you can literally say, ‘Wait, sorry. I'” I am fair. Who is it? Uh and saying I needed help. And she could hear the dire state I was in,” she continued. “But I think it’s up to all of us to be really honest about what you need and not be afraid to come to terms with it, to ask for it.”

For the fifth episode of ‘Archetypes’, Meghan spoke with actress Constance Wu, comedian and writer Jenny Slate and activist and Bollywood star Deepika Padukone about mental health and the additional barriers women face. often face when it comes to getting help.

“I feel quite strongly about that word…that label: ‘crazy’, the way it’s so casually thrown around, and the damage it does to society and to women around the world.”

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

“Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called ‘crazy’ or ‘hysterical’…or what about ‘crazy’, ‘crazy’, ‘crazy’…’completely irrational’,” he said. said Meghan at the start of the episode. “OK, you get it. Now, if we were all in the same room and could see each other, I think it would be pretty easy to see how many of you there have your hands up… by the way, Me too.

“I’m very attached to that word…that label: ‘crazy’, the way it’s so casually thrown around, and the damage it does to society and to women everywhere – from relationships to broken families. , reputations destroyed and careers ruined,” she continued. “The stigma around the word, it also has this effect of silence — this effect where women who have real mental health issues, they’re scared, they shut up, they internalize and suppress themselves for far too long.”

Wu, who opened up about his suicide attempt in 2019 following a series of tweets about renewing another season of ABC’s ‘Fresh Off the Boat’, spoke with Meghan about what happened. past.

“It took, for example, a DM from one of my fellow actresses, an Asian actress, who basically said that I had become a disgrace to my race and that – you know, I was basically better off dead. That made me feel like I didn’t deserve to be alive anymore,” Wu said.

Wu, who has a 2-year-old daughter, started crying while discussing her suicide attempt.

“If you weren’t crying, I would be worried,” Meghan said. “Okay? Because that’s so the case, especially depending on what you’re talking about, which is when everything is piling up, piling up internalized emotions, whether it’s sadness or relief or everything. I mean how – just like when you’re talking about with your daughter, when you’re watching our kids, the most beautiful thing in the world, even though in the moment it might not be, c what if they have a breakdown and they scream and let it all out. They let it all out and guess what happens?

“And then a second later, they’re like…” Wu replied.

“They’re fine,” Meghan said. “Because they let him out.”

“Archetypes” went on a brief hiatus following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, but resumed releases last week with the fourth episode, “The Demystification of Dragon Lady,” with guests Margaret Cho and Lisa Ling.


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