Elevating Corporate Wellness: Supporting Mental Health Intervention in the Tech Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a transformational event in more ways than one, especially as it relates to the world of commerce. In the wake of the pandemic, the holistic well-being of employees has received considerable attention, and that includes their mental health. Companies around the world are realigning their benefits and wellness strategies to integrate their culture, talent and performance goals.

Despite growing awareness and acceptance of the need, many organizations continue to struggle to put the right regulations and support systems in place. Traditionally, mental health has never been seen as a strategic area by employers. In many cases, employees with poor mental health were even considered a risk. It is only in recent years that studies have been undertaken to understand the full impact of mental health in economic terms. In India, mental health disorders are expected to cause an economic loss of over $1 trillion between 2012 and 2030.

The widespread lack of awareness and attention as well as support for mental health is not only due to a lack of interest but also various other factors such as social taboos, reduced levels of resilience against stress in the post-pandemic world, the failure of support networks, and above all, a dire lack of qualified mental health resources. However, at Comviva, we have consistently stayed one step ahead on this topic.

Comviva aims to fill this gap through its value-driven efforts to support corporate wellness. The idea is to reorient the strategy and put “the focus on people” at the heart of our organization’s efforts. The Comviva Way puts more emphasis on respecting, acknowledging and helping colleagues and others wherever needed. A change in attitude has been achieved through a long-term commitment to investing in the development and growth of people and to providing them with the support they need in the good times and in the bad times of their personal or professional lives. One of the company’s most impactful initiatives is its top-down commitment to building a politics-free workplace culture (Comviva even conducted a snap poll in 2019 to gauge employee perception, and satisfactory comments have been received).

To alleviate post-pandemic stress, easy access to counseling sessions called “Your Dost” has been provided to address emotional and mental health issues faced by employees, regardless of gender. ComPassion’s initiatives have seen voluntary contributions and support from employees, where people feel that by helping others, they can improve their own mental health.

The company has established certain organizational principles to create a happy workplace. These are:

  • Make behavioral health a transparent priority

  • Persity and Inclusion as a True Agenda for Action: Leveraging Persity of Gender, Geography, Age, Physical Abilities, and Even Neuropersity

  • Empowering and developing people leaders on core competencies that help them create a work environment for their teams that affirms well-being

  • Outreach and training on ‘Crucial Conversations’ and on-site mental health services

  • Train people leaders in planning, organizational, project management and performance skills, and all areas that directly impact the work-life balance of their teams.

  • Prioritize trust and security

  • Normalizing conversations about mental health

It is now widely observed and experienced that organisations, at all levels, need to make mental wellbeing an essential part of their future HR policies. This will help employees cope with the competitive landscape dominating the modern office and perform better in achieving their individual and organizational goals!

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