One of the stations, the crisis response team station, as part of the mental health simulation.

Mental health simulation provides real-life examples

LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A unique event, recently organized by the North Central Legislative Forum Committee (NCLFC), invited elected officials to participate in a mental health simulation.

The creator of the event and the participants

The NCLFC is a group made up of several local organizations and mental health advocates, such as Willowstone Family Services; Valley Oaks Health; Bauer Family Resources and many more.

The event, held last week, featured elected officials, such as Indiana State Rep. Sheila Klinker and Sheriff Bob Goldsmith, taking part in a simulation where each attendee receives a profile based on real local mental health patients, followed by research of health care providers for their specific situation.

How mental health simulations worked

Additional factors such as “life events”, wait times and simulated symptoms of mental disorders have been included in the event to make the scenarios even more realistic.

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