Former Governor Satya Pal Malik Examined by CBI in Corruption Cases Registered After his Allegations

Former governor Satya Pal Malik questioned by CBI in registered corruption cases after his allegations

New Delhi: The CBI “examined” former governor Satya Pal Malik in connection with two corruption cases registered in Jammu and Kashmir in April based on allegations made by him, officials said. They said the CBI team had taken details of their sightings earlier this week, they said. Malik was reviewed after his five-year term as governor ended on Oct. 4, they said.Read also – JEE Paper Leak case: Russian national detained at Delhi airport after being questioned by CBI

He was appointed Governor of Bihar in 2017, after which he was sent to Jammu and Kashmir in 2018 where he oversaw the revocation of Section 370 in August 2019. Also Read – Jiah Khan’s mother tries to delay trial insisting it was murder, says Bombay HC

Malik, who issued statements criticizing the Center during the farmers’ unrest, was transferred to Meghalaya where his five-year term ended this month. Malik had claimed that he was offered a bribe of Rs 300 crore for settling two cases during his tenure as governor of Jammu and Kashmir between August 23, 2018 and October 30, 2019. Also Read – CBI arrests Manish Sisodia’s aide Vijay Nair in Delhi liquor policy case hours after interrogation

“After going to Kashmir, two files reached me (for clearance), one belonging to Ambani and the other to an RSS-affiliated man who was a minister in the previous PDP-BJP coalition government led by Mehbooba Mufti and claimed to be very close to the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi),” he said.

“I was informed by the secretaries of the two departments that there was a scandal and therefore I canceled the two agreements.

“The secretaries told me that ‘you will get Rs 150 crore each to erase the files’ but I told them that I came with five kurta-pajamas and will leave with that only,” Malik had said during a gathering at an event in Jhunjhunu. in Rajasthan last October.

In April this year, the CBI registered the two FIRs in connection with allegations of corruption made by Malik in the awarding of contracts for a group medical insurance scheme for government and civil works employees of worth Rs 2,200 crore related to Kiru hydroelectric power project at the time. State.

The central agency accused Reliance General Insurance and Trinity Re-Insurance Brokers Limited in its FIR of a controversial health insurance scheme for Jammu and Kashmir government employees which was allegedly authorized by Malik during the meeting of the State Administrative Council on August 31, 2018.

“…unknown officials of the Ministry of Finance, Government of Jammu and Kashmir by abusing their official position in conspiracy and collusion with Trinity Reinsurance Brokers Ltd, Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd and other unknown officials and private persons have committed the offenses of criminal conspiracy and criminal misconduct,” the FIR alleged.

They caused “pecuniary advantage to themselves and unjustified loss to the public treasury during the period of 2017 and 2018 and thus deceived the government of Jammu and Kashmir”, he alleged.

It has been alleged in various quarters that there were glaring deviations from government standards in the contract awarded to Reliance General Insurance, such as the lack of an online tender, the removal of an initial condition whereby the seller should have work experience in the state and businesses having turnover of Rs 5,000 crore among others.

“The case was filed at the request of the government of Jammu and Kashmir over allegations of malpractice in the awarding of the J&K Employees Health Insurance Scheme contract to a private company and the release of Rs 60 crore (approximately) in 2017-18,” CBI spokesman RC Joshi had said.

After allegations of irregularities surfaced, the program, which was rolled out on September 30, 2018, was scrapped, officials said.

“The governor has approved the seizure of the contract with M/s Reliance General Insurance Company (RGIC) to implement a group health insurance policy for state employees and retirees,” a statement said. spokesperson for Raj Bhavan on October 27, 2018.

He said the case was referred to the Anti-Corruption Bureau for review of the entire process to see if it was conducted in a transparent and fair manner.

In the scheme which was initially signed with RGIC for one year, employees and retirees would have secured Rs 6 lakh coverage for themselves and five dependent family members by paying an annual premium of Rs 8,777 and Rs 22,229 for employees and retirees, respectively.

In its second FIR regarding allegations of malpractice in the award of the contract for the civil works package of the Kiru hydroelectric project, the CBI said that the guidelines for electronic tendering were not followed. .

“The case was filed on allegations of malpractice in the award of the contract worth Rs 2,200 crore (approximately) for civil works of the Kiru Hydroelectric Power Project (HEP) to a company private in 2019,” Joshi said.

The agency has booked Navin Kumar Chaudhary, former chairman of Chenab Valley Power Projects (P) Ltd, MS Babu, former MD, MK Mittal and Arun Kumar Mishra, former directors and Patel Engineering Ltd.

“Although a decision was made at the 47th Board Meeting of CVPPPL (Chenab Valley Power Projects Ltd) for re-tendering via electronic tendering with reverse auction after the cancellation of the ongoing bidding process, the same was not implemented (according to the decision taken at the 48th meeting of the board of directors) and the bidding was finally attributed to Patel Engineering Ltd,” the FIR said.

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