Annuradha Bhandari received the Paul S. Rhoads Humanity in Medicine Award from Reid Health.

Annuradha Bhandari receives the Paul S. Rhoads Award for Humanity in Medicine

RICHMOND, Ind. – Annuradha Bhandari became the 42nd recipient of Reid Health’s Paul S. Rhoads Humanity in Medicine Award last week.

The Humanity in Medicine Award honors the memory of its first recipient, Paul S. Rhoades in 1983, for his service to patients and medicine. Rhoads was the founding director of Reid Health’s Department of Medical Education and helped organize the Wayne County Hospice Program and Adult Clinic for the indigent.

Bhandari’s selection was announced last week at an annual medical staff appreciation and reception of a new doctor, according to a press release.

“This award has been very difficult for me to digest. I find it hard to understand being rewarded for something that you love to do,” she said in the statement.

“It may seem like lip service, but I really feel like I’ve received so much more from this community than I could ever give back, so for me, there’s no pride, there’s gratitude. .”

Annuradha Bhandari

Bhandari was born and raised in Toronto, Canada with a mother from the Fiji Islands and an Indian father. They taught her to live a life of service and spirituality, the value of hard work, and to invest herself fully in all that she does.

“I don’t feel the need to go to temple or church or a place of worship,” Bhandari said. “Every day this institution is my church and serving my patients is my way of praying. I am just grateful to be able to worship in this way.

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