Luis G. Pedraja

Luis G. Pedraja on the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month

Luis G. Pedraja

Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration from September 15 through October 15 that commemorates and highlights the histories, cultures, and contributions that Hispanics have made to the United States and the rest of the world. What began as a week-long celebration in 1968 under President Lyndon Johnson was enacted in 1988, becoming a month of recognition of the historic presence of Hispanics and Latinx in North America, and the contributions they have made. to the fabric of our nation. .

Last year, I had the honor of being the keynote speaker at UMass Chan Medical School and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s celebration of “Esperanza: A Celebration of Heritage and ‘Hispanic Hope’, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Honoring and reflecting on the heritage and contributions of Hispanic and Latino citizens in this country is very personal to me, and one that I spoke candidly at last year’s event.

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