Anatomy Warehouse has Evanston in its bones - and a bit of Hollywood too - Evanston RoundTable

Anatomy Warehouse has Evanston in its bones – and a bit of Hollywood too – Evanston RoundTable

If you’ve visited a healthcare provider in the last 15 years, chances are you’ve seen a model from Anatomy Warehouse, a growing e-commerce company from Evanston in the field of health education.

Adam Cordell, left, and Liz Huff work at Anatomy Warehouse, a growing e-commerce company in Evanston. Cordell founded the company and Huff serves as COO. Credit: Wendi Kromach

Founded in 2005 by Adam Cordell and based at 1630 Darrow Ave., the company sells detailed, accurate, and realistic models of human and animal body parts and processes to colleges and universities, health-related professional schools, government entities, clinics, health care facilities, and private companies worldwide entire.

Closer to home, Evanston Township High School’s biology and health science programs have benefited from Anatomy Warehouse’s donations of gently worn anatomy models.

Cordell, a native of Evanston and a proud graduate of ETHS, has 12 employees, most of whom live in Evanston. Cordell said he was especially proud of how they were all able to transition to working from home during the pandemic; no one lost their job or took a pay cut. Everyone remained healthy and continued to work.

Despite the medical nature of their work, “no one in the office is a doctor,” Cordell said. “But in the last 14 years, Liz probably went to medical school.”

“Liz” is Liz Huff, who joined the company in 2008 and is the Director of Operations, managing the custom ordering process. From 2009 to 2013, the company processed orders from eight different websites organized into categories, including Halloween costumes, seasonal clothing, school supplies, massage and medical clothing in addition to anatomical models.

A model of the spine with some muscle structure is seen at Anatomy Warehouse. Credit: Wendi Kromach

But the strong point of the company was the anatomical models, and the company gradually abandoned or sold the other lines of business.

Doctors often contact Anatomy Warehouse for help preparing for complex and unusual surgeries. Cordell and Huff work with vendors who can produce unique 3D-printed models that are useful in pre-surgical preparation, allowing the surgeon to visualize a surgical site from multiple views and practice different approaches. Cranial models are a specialty.

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