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Only a healthy nation can become a developed nation: Union Minister Mandaviya at FE Healthcare Summit

Union Health Minister Dr Mansukh Mandaviya said on Friday that it was important for any country to have accessible and affordable healthcare. According to Dr. Mandaviya, India has become an example for the world due to its handling of COVID-19 and its vaccination campaign.

“In certain rare circumstances, like the pandemic, who told the world that your healthcare system has so much power that you can do it yourself. It’s not at all like India can’t do it and only other countries can do it. When the covid crisis started, experts from all over the world were telling me what had happened to my country. How would you do? The way Modiji led the country during the COVID crisis, now the world is saying that India had the best handling of COVID-19 and the best vaccination. It is our power. Can we use this power to make health care more futuristic, accessible and affordable? Yes, we can,” Dr Mandaviya said at the FE Healthcare summit in New Delhi on Friday.

During the summit, the Union Health Minister also said that in India, health is a service and various stakeholders have come forward to provide affordable or free health services.

WATCH: FE Healthcare Summit 2022 Live: Affordable and Accessible Healthcare

“People often tell me that the health budget is not enough, it represents less than 2% of the GDP. How are you going to increase it? Our health policy and model are different. In our country, the health is not a business. In India, health is a service. We have so many stakeholders in our country who serve people with affordable health services or even health care. There are many efforts to eliminate tuberculosis in the country, free drugs are given by the government and economic support is given, but only 3-4% success is achieved.I asked President Murmu on September 9th to want to launch Nikshay 2.0 through which people can adopt TB patients so that they can get better care and health actors, NGOs can stay in direct contact with them When we conducted a survey, we found that we had identi trusted about 13 lakh TB cases and asked them individually if they wanted to be adopted and 9 lakh patients gave their consent. I am happy to share that within a week these patients were adopted. It is our model. The Modi government does not think in Token, it thinks in Total,” the Union health minister said on Friday.

Dr. Mandaviya also informed that many steps have been taken over the past few years to provide affordable and accessible health facilities.

“There are now 1,22,000 health and wellness centers in the country. Students from our country go to study medicine abroad. So now we have nearly 1 lakh MBBS seats in the country. The number of medical colleges has now doubled and there are about 650 colleges in the country. The PG seats were also doubled. In every state there are now 28,000 ambulances available on the 108. We now have a rare disease action plan. In order to strengthen district hospitals, under the Ayushman Bharat health infrastructure mission, by spending basic Rs 100 per district, we are strengthening the infrastructure of primary and secondary health sectors. 22 AIIMS are being built across the country so that tertiary care is also enhanced and opportunities for research alongside care are also enhanced. The world is now taking India as an example. In India, we have given health security to Rs. 50 million people. Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme, the poor can also benefit from the same health facilities in private hospitals,” he said.

Dr Mandaviya also pointed out that people spend more on drugs than on diagnostic tests.

“In 2016, I was the MoS in the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers and found out that there were only 112 Jan Ashaudhi Kendras. People spend more money on medicines than on diagnostics. Now every day more than 20 lakh people are people visiting Jan Ashaudhi Kendras. Only a healthy nation can become a developed nation. To become a healthy nation, every citizen must be healthy. Today, During this summit, many discussions and debates on various aspects will take place. I look forward to the results of these discussions so that these comments can be incorporated into better results,” he added.

Apart from Union Minister, Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, the FE Healthcare Summit was also marked by the presence of Health Secretary, Rajesh Bhushan, who explained how the various pillars of Ayushman Bharat have transformed the healthcare system from the country. He also highlighted the perspective of the public health system in 2017, with the new health policy emphasizing that health is not limited to hospitals alone.

The second edition of the FE Healthcare summit was also the scene of various in-depth discussions such as affordable healthcare, the next frontier for India’s pharmaceutical industry, the post-covid sphere of diagnostics, primary healthcare and the ceremony of congratulations from the FE Hospital Awards.

With Presenting Partner Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Supporting Partner Salucro and Powered by Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, the second edition of FE Healthcare Summit was held on 30 September 2022 at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi.

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