New Releases From MARK TREMONTI, BAEST & More Out Today 5/27

This week’s new heavy metal releases include straight ahead Frank Sinatra covers, flamingo worship, uncle rock, aunt rock, and more! To the metals…

Best – Justitia

Genre: Death metal
Origin: Aarhus, Denmark
Label: Century Media

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Getting this week started with some rowdy death metal. This EP comes after last year’s celebrated Necro Sapiens, and it keeps that vibe and energy going with throwback death metal with a lil OG heavy metal fun thrown in. This includes a couple guest spots from Sven from Aborted and Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder and a cover of Entombed‘s “Second To None.”

Decapitated Cancer Culture

Genre: Death/groove metal
Origin: Krosno, Poland
Label: Nuclear Blast

While grooves are still intact, the aggression of this band feels pushed to the front this time. Even when very melodic, the rhythm section cannot hold back hitting hard. This is another record with some guests. Cancer Culture includes Jinjer‘s Tatiana Shmayluk and the foreman of Vogg’s side-gig in Machine HeadRobb Flynn.

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Def LeppardDiamond Star Halos

Genre: Glam/hard rock
Origin: Sheffield, England
Label: Ume

Like it or not Def Leppard are an important band in the heavy metal landscape and they’re back with their first album in seven years. The melodies will get in your head and the jams will get your aunt dancing on the kitchen counter. It’s a fun record and if you dug those big 80’s records, you’ll probably enjoy this enough.

IATT – Magnum Opus

Genre: Extreme/progressive metal
Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Label: Black Lion Records

Ok, back to heavy stuff. IAT (fka? aka? I Am the Trireme) mix technicality and weirdness into a dark sound. They’re like if Ne Obliviscaris had a short attention span. You’re also getting some sax and violin on a few tracks. More of both of these in metal, please.

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Michael Schenker Group – Universal

Genre: Hard rock/heavy metal
Origin: Sarstedt, Germany
Label: Atomic Fire

Earlier we had a moment for aunt rock, not how about some uncle rock? This one comes on the heels of last year’s Immortal, and there is a ton of cool shit going on with this one. The backing band features folks from Rainbow which leads to a tribute to Dio on”A King Has Gone,” and there are features from Helloween‘s Michael Kiske, Primal Fear‘s Ralf Scheepers, and lots more. This one is sure to get you uncle dancing on the kitchen counter?

Mark Tremonti – Mark Tremonti Sings Sinatra

Genre: Frank Sinatra covers
Origin: Detroit, Michigan
Label: NDSS

File this album under combinations of words I never expected. As the header of this blurb says Mark Tremonti (ex-Creed, Alter Bridge, solo) sings Frank Sinatra songs. They’re straight up big band swing covers too. And you know what? He fucking kills it. It’s not at all something I thought I needed, but I’m really feeling it.

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Trollfest – Flamingo Overlord

Genre: Folk metal
Origin: Oslo, Norway
Label: Napalm

Gonna end weird this week with the latest from Trollfest. These Norwegian folk metal loons are paying tribute to their Flamingo Overlord(s) on this one as includes four tracks that mention the pink bird in the song’s title. There might be more nods that I don’t know about but I don’t have all the lyrics in front of me. This is another really fun one that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy so much, but now I’m looking at how to befriend a flamingo.

Also dropping today…

  • Bekmork The Path Nocturnal (Horns High Records) – Black metal
  • Belushi Speed ​​Ball – What, Us Worry? (sonaBLAST! Records) – Crossover thrash
  • Besvärjelsen Atlas (Magnetic Eye Records) – Psychedelic/doom
  • Black LongDark Waves (Heavy Psych Sounds) – Psychedelic/doom
  • Black VoidAntithesis (Nuclear Blast) – Punk/black metal
  • Brutality Simpitternity (Emanzipation) – Death metal
  • Cadaver CoilsOfferings Of Rapture And Decay (Iron Bonehead Productions) – Death metal
  • Cadaveria Emptiness (Time To Kill Records) – Symphonic black metal/industrial
  • Church of Disgust Weakest Is The Flesh (Hells Headbangers) – Death metal
  • Clayshaper Vampiric (Self-released) – Progressive/melodic death metal
  • Crematory Inglorious Darkness (Napalm) – Gothic metal
  • Cult Of The Night Dance of the Witches (Self-released) – Speed ​​metal/thrash
  • Dead Waves Abandoned Children (Entheon Records) – Experimental/doom
  • Deos Furor Belli (Wormholedeath) – Black/death metal
  • Electric MountainValley Giant (Electric Valley Records) – Desert rock
  • Evil Book Of Evil (From The Vaults) – Heavy metal
  • Fireproven Epilogue (Fireproven) – Progressive/melodic death metal
  • Gramma Vedetta The Hum Of The Machine (Mandrone) – Heavy metal/stoner
  • Healing Magic Volume I: Fire (Blood Blast Distribution) – Stoner/sludge
  • Hifiklub & Scorpion Dagger ScorpKlub I & II Original Soundtracks (Electric Valley Records) – Experimental
  • Hollow FrontThe Price Of Dreaming (UNFD) – Metalcore
  • Holocausto Cannibal Crueza Ferina (Selfmadegod Records) – Goregrind/death metal – Full album stream
  • Honeybee Honeybee (The Swingin’ Pipe Records) – Hard rock
  • Lord BelialRapture (Hammerheart) – Melodic black/death metal
  • Low Gear Siktunes Redux (WormHoleDeath Records) – Hard rock/groove metal
  • Simon McBrideThe Fighter (earMusic) – Rock
  • Mornful CongregationThe Exuviae Of Gods – Part I EP (Osmose) – Doom
  • Orochen Anthropocene (Suicide Records) – Post-metal
  • Pet Merchant of Death (Electric Valley Records) – Stoner/heavy metal
  • Sacrifizer Le Diamant De Lucifer (Osmose Productions) – Speed ​​metal
  • Sarayasign Throne of Gold (Sound Pollution) – Progressive/power metal
  • Scary Kids Scaring KidsOut Of Light (Velocity Records/Equal Vision Records) – Post-hardcore
  • Sensory AmusiaBreed Death (Lacerated Enemy Records) – Death metal/deathcore
  • Shed The SkinThaumogenesis (Hells Headbangers) – Death metal
  • Smoke or FireBeauty Fades (Iodine Recordings) – Punk
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