Las Vegas Nightlife Was In a Rut—Then Zouk Group Came Around –

If the pandemic proved anything, it was that even the mightiest could fall.

Case in point was Las Vegas, a city whose economy was dependent on sin but suddenly found itself devoid of sinners. In March 2021, the number of visitors to Las Vegas dipped a staggering 49.5% compared to March 2019, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

But the numbers were only part of the story. If you visited Vegas during the pandemic, odds are you saw a shell of the hedonistic lotusland you once knew. Masks concealed the unbridled joy of a newlywed couple who hit blackjack; sanitizer stations replaced water fountains; and understaffed teams trudged around sticky, soda-stained casino floors under constant threat of being furloughed.


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