Blood Sisters Puts Everything Wrong with Nollywood Together in a Beautifully Packaged Netflix Original

Blood Sisters is here, or at least has been here for three days and the internet is raving about it. Personally, I loved liked it as well. Forget that title, for now, it’s a good movie. If you have not seen the movie and you are reading this review, there are not as many spoilers as I would like but there are spoilers.
Let’s quickly get into it because this one is loooong.
Blood Sisters

Movie: Blood Sisters

Producer(s): EbonyLife Studios (Mo Abudu), Netflix
Director(s): Biyi Bandele, Kenneth Gyang
Ini-Dima Okojie
Nancy Isime
Kate Henshaw
Wale Ojo
Deyemi Okanlawon
Ramsey Noah
Gabriel Afolayan
Kehinde Bankole
Genoveve Umeh
Ibrahim Suleiman
Daniel Etim-Effiong
Uche Jombo
Keppy Ekpeyong

Run Time: 4 episodes of 1 hour each

Best friends Sarah Duru (Okojie) and Kemi Sanya (Isime), go on the run, after the accidental murder of Sarah’s wealthy, influential, but extremely abusive fiancee, Kola Ademola (Okanlawon). In the hunt for the girls, secrets are revealed that threaten the facade the Ademola family matriarch, Uduak (Henshaw), has built over the years.


Big shout out to everybody that has done a review on this movie, some of your thoughts inspired mine. Blood sisters is a flick with an amazing story, and it leaves you reminiscing about the first time you saw that video for Micheal Jackson’s Liberian girl because all you will be asking yourself is “Who is the next star they are sneaking in” if you ask me; this is a Strong Negative but before we talk about all of the things that went wrong, let’s talk about the things that went right.

So, the series opens with Femi Ademola (Gabriel Afolayan) hiring a hitman to kill his brother Kola Ademola (Deyemi Okanlawon) on his wedding day, so he can take his place in the family company being the older brother and all. Na him right. Anyways, fast forward to what seems like the traditional marriage and the hitman comes in looking so sinister that, you sef go know say the bros plan do something but hey! This is Nollywood, anything can happen. Nobody might notice. And nobody does except of course the Target. Is there a back story here? Has the hitman had contact with Kola before? Is Kola some part of the CIA? We don’t know oh, they didn’t tell us. All we know is that, at the wedding of a wealthy family that owns one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Africa, nobody in security could spot an angry-looking muscled man as a security threat except the target. I’m baffled but in the words of Queenthe show must go on‘. We are still watching as Kola takes to his heels and the hitman who is also obviously looking into the cameras chases. Kola seems to corner the hitman and after a fight, he disarms the man with a gun, and without much back and forth, he realizes that his brother (Femi) sent him.

At this point, Kola should belong to something because cornering the hitman like that. Fighting in an Agbada, this is some wakanda level type superhero thing. If Not the CIA then some sort of Army because the way he figured out that his brother sent a killer after him sha. But again, this is Nollywood. Probably the big bad Uncle B (Ramsey Nouah) has taught Kola some moves.

Kola then moves to throw the hitman out, confiscate his gun and proceed to tell his sister (who had only just moments ago announced to a room full of people that she had just come from rehab as opposed to the story that she had come from the abroad) that if anything happened to him, she should ‘look to their brother’. Moments before the hitman saga, Sarah’s Ex; Kenny (played by none other than Captain Sky AKA Ibrahim Suleiman) had come to the wedding to convince her not to marry Kola. Kenny was thrown out. And Kola took her to their room to beat her over the incident. domestic abuse.

Quick question here, you found out that your fiancee’s ex showed up to the wedding and you beat her but didn’t fight your brother when you found out that he sent a hitman to kill you at your wedding? This is sha nollywood, things are happening.

Sarah calls her mother (Uche Jombo) to tell her that she cannot proceed with the wedding as Kola is an abuser. But Sarah’s mother disregards the issue over the financial benefits of being married to an Ademola. As well as the fact that Sarah’s father (Keppy Ekpeyong) has apparently taken a loan from the Ademolas.

The only person on Sarah’s side is her friend Kemi. Sarah makes the decision to not get married to Kola and calls him over to inform him of her decision. When Kola hears, he is furious and a tussle ensues. Kemi tries to help Sarah fight and as the tussle continues, Kemi shoots Kola with the hitman’s gun.

Things go sideways from here. Leading to the second episode titled “Run Girls Run”. The third episode is titled “The Hunt” and the last episode is titled “The Catch”. By these titles, you can conclude as to how the story goes. I won’t spoil it more than I already have.

The Breakdown.

The Good:


The Casting for this one is both good and bad. But let’s look at the positives for now. Everybody casted in this flick came correct. Uduak Ademola (Kate Henshaw) ATE! So did Gabriel Afolayan, Kehinde Bankole, Deyemi Okanlawon, Wale Ojo, Segun Arinze even Ramsey Nouah impressed me. Big up to Genoveve Umeh for stealing our hearts too.

Segun Arinze and Wale Ojo deserve their own show. A friend of mine called them ‘Chicago and Eko

Casting was done nicely, We have so many good actors for roles built around the ‘One Percenters’; I wonder what went wrong with ‘Bling Lagosians’.


This was so nicely done. My most appreciative scene was the shower fight scene in rehab. The nudity wasn’t all up in our faces. The sex scenes between Kehinde Bankole and Gabriel Afolayan were also shot nicely. Not too much but enough for you to get the idea. Eko Bridge did not suffer this time, and the transitions were amazing. Brilliant


Whoever was in charge of this bit has to take their price up!!! The rich guys felt rich, when you saw them, they weren’t in cheap stuff. The dresses made me feel like it was Met Gala over again. I mean Kate Henshaw could give Blake Lively a run for her money. The Masquerades also looked great; I was just there wishing I could be a masquerade sef.

Akin (Daniel Effiong) was just looking like an Abuja Big Boy in the whole thing. You know those boys that drive a Benz but don’t have a house. There was no backstory as to whether the guy was homeless but if you see that character inside his own house in the entire season, I owe you 200k. His threads fit the profile as well not overdressed but you could tell that he is rich, jobless, and smells nice.

Kehinde Bankole was givinnnggg. She had fits for days. No misses. Yinka Ademola was one of those women that intimidated men just by her looks. And whoever worked her wardrobe understood the assignment. There’s so much to write about regarding costumes.


Blood Sisters explores a lot of other themes beyond Domestic Abuse. We saw:

And a lot more.


Everything happened in Lagos. This is one of major problems with the series. However, a lot of locations were explored. We saw Lekki, Makoko, Falomo, private beach house somewhere. The Ademola homes were actual mansions and the police station was a police station.

It might seem like everything went great but I had problems with this flick.

The ‘Not So’ Great:


I know I just put it up there now now, but wait! I have never been wanted by the police before, but let’s say I commit a crime and I get a headstart to run before I am declared wanted, then it doesn’t occur to me to leave the city?

Does this movie want to tell us that rather than enter a night bus to one remote village in Kano, these girls took to Makoko? Who does that? Seems like they wanted to be caught if you ask me.


See, everybody is in this series. It’s like someone has dared them to cast all the actors known to the Nigerian audience in this one. Which makes you wonder how young actors will ever succeed in Nollywood. Denrele’s role was unnecessary. It could have been played by a random ‘Tobias Nwachukwu’ (made up name)

These guys called everybody into the mix, even found a way to sneak Joke Silva into the mix. Guest actors in this one included Tope Tedela, Okey Uzoeshi, Zack Orji, Toyin Abraham, Eso Dike and these are the only ones I spotted. There might have been more. The point here is that younger actors also deserve a chance. See how Genoveve Umeh did us proud. Can other creatives get a chance?

Other things that were a tad annoying:

  • What was Uncle B Driving?

For some wonderful reason, Uncle B had borrowed a whip from Dominic Toretto’s Garage but the engine was from Ladipo Market. It looked classic, but that was it. It wasn’t a fast car (If it was then he didn’t drive it), there was no reason to give us as to why Uncle B didn’t just drive a Benz or a Lexus like a regular person. It didn’t roar, zero torque. Just “You look like a bad guy in it” vibes.

  • Did Chicago mix up his accents?

I could have sworn that Chicago forgot his exact accent in some scenes. But they can pull off a spinoff so, we might get a background to this bit

  • So who is guilty for killing the photographer? Who gets punished?

Do I need to explain this one?

  • Readily Available Shovels

When the girls are off to bury Kola, isn’t it rather convenient that the shovels just miraculously appear for the girls to carry on their mission?

  • Why is the hitman so angry at the mission?

Who vex blade? There was no way that guy didn’t look like a suspect during the wedding. Wasn’t he supposed to blend in? He was standing out from the start.

In conclusion

Blood Sisters was a good movie. Beautifully packaged, and does well for Nollywood’s first Netflix Original Show. It is only flawed by its long line of top actors, inability to compel us to understand the need for some characters and minor inconveniences in the story and its execution. These flaws are a characteristic of a long list of Nollywood movies and so they don’t take away from the brilliance of Blood Sisters.

Rating: 9/10

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