New Releases From UNDEATH, PRIMUS & More Out Today 4/22

This week’s new heavy metal releases include some fine death metal, a lil jazz piano, everyone’s favorite bass slapping dorks, and more! To the metals…

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Bodysnatcher – Bleed – Abide

Genre: Deathcore
Origin: Melbourne, Florida
Label: MNRK Heavy

Starting this week with some high energy aggression from Bodysnatcher. These Floridians know their way around the deathcore sound with low guitars, gutteral vocals, breakdowns, and those fun guitar noises. You know the ones. This one will get you karate kickin’ in the pit.

Caliban – Dystopia

Genre: Metalcore
Origin: Essen, German
Label: Century Media

Caliban‘s twelfth album features their traditional recipe of metalcore with elements of thrash, deathcore, pop, and more mixed in. This time they also have some guest spots by Christoph Wieczorek from Annisokay, Marcus Bischoff from Heaven Shall Burnand Jonny Davy from Job For A Cowboy. This feels very much a soundtrack of this time with tracks like “Dystopia” and “VirUS.” So that’s fun. Max has a full review here.

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Dorothy – Gifts From The Holy Ghost

Genre: Hard rock
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Label: Roc Nation

Dorothy is one of those acts I see around more than I actually hear, so I decided to give this album a shot. Gifts From The Holy Ghost is about what I expected with pretty straight-ahead rock that’s very vocal focused. The lyrics are triumphant, the songs are VERY catchy, and Dorothy Martin‘s voice is undeniably great.

Huntsmen The Dying Pines

Genre: Doom/Americana metal
Origin: Chicago, Illinois
Label: Prosthetic

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2020’s Mandala of Fear was one of my favorite records of the year. On that album they started to lean more into melody and vocal harmonies than they had on their other album. This EP keeps that going even more as they show off their harmony skills on their cover of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young‘s “Carry On,” and the title track. Riff’s are still to be had though, especially on “Let the Buried Lie Forgotten.”

Jazz Sabbat – Vol. 2

Genre: Hard rock
Origin: England
Label: Blacklake

In 2020 it was revealed that Black Sabbat stole all their music from a Jazz trio lead by Milton Keyanes called Jazz Sabbat. Ever since then the jazz band as been releasing the original versions that Tony Iommi and crew have been claiming as their own. This is their second album and it features “Paranoid,” “NIB,” “Black Sabbath” and others before Geezer and the boys ruined them. I think that’s the lore anyway. In reality of course this is Ozzy and live Sabbath’s keyboard player Adam Wakeman doing jazz renditions of Black Sabbat classics and they’re spectacular.

Primus – Conspiranoid

Genre: Primus
Origin: El Sobrante, California
Label: ATO

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It’s been five years since Primus released new material les, Lerand Tim are finally back with Conspiranoid. This trio of weird, bass-driven songs is unmistakably Primus. After playing A Farewell To Kings every night on what is now two tours, there is also unsurprisingly more Rush influence than ever.

Undeath – It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave

Genre: Death metal
Origin: Rochester, New York
Label: Prosthetic

Now for some pure unadulterated death metal. Undeath‘s sophomore record is frantic, dark, and a stellar continuation of the groundwork laid on 2020’s Lesions of a Different Kind. Plus it has “grave” in the title, so you know it’s what you want in a death metal record. Jeff has a full review here.

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Also dropping today…

  • Amenra/Cave In/Marissa NadlerSongs Of Towns Van Zandt Vol. III (Neurot) – Townes Van Zandt covers
  • Audrey HorneDevil’s Bell (Napalm) – Hard rock
  • Coma HoleComa Hole (Self-released) – Sludge/stoner
  • CorpsessedSuccumb To Rot (Dark Dark) – Death metal
  • CulticOf Fire and Sorcery (Eleventh Key, Sign of Evil Productions) – Death metal/doom
  • Deathcave – II (Satanik Royalty Records) – Doom/black metal
  • Die Apokalyptischen ReiterWilde Kinder (Nuclear Blast) – Heavy metal
  • Domkraft/SlomaticsAscend/Descend (Majestic Mountain Records) – Psychedelic/stoner
  • Udo DirkschneiderMy Way (Atomic Fire) – Heavy metal
  • DraconiconDark Side Of Symphony (Beyond The Storm Productions) – Power metal/orchestral
  • False ChurchDystopian Dissent (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) – Grindcore
  • Fer De LanceThe Hyperborean (Cruz Del Sur Music) – Doom
  • FrejaTides (Babylon Doom Cult Records) – Atmospheric black metal
  • Gadgets SonsGadgets Sons (Wormholedeath) – Sludge/metalcore
  • A Good Rogering Systematic Paralysis (Self-released) – Heavy metal
  • Junction 28Before You Draw (Wormholedeath) – Hard rock
  • King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardOmnium Gatherum (KGLW) – Psychedelic
  • MarvelGraces Came With Malice (The Sign) – Hard rock
  • Mein Kopf ist ein Brutaler OrtTon Steine ​​Sterben (Metalville) – Thrash/metalcore
  • MirrorThe Day Bastard Leaders Die (Cruz Del Sur Music) – Heavy metal
  • MiserationBlack Miracles and Dark Wonders (lifeforce) – Death metal
  • MosiacHeimatspuk (Eisenwald) – Black metal
  • NorthlaneObsidian (Believe) – Metalcore/progressive
  • NovaruptaCarrion Movements (Suicide Records) – Cinematic metal/ambient
  • Ocean GroveUp In The Air Forever (UNFD) – Nu metal
  • PireshipLight Is A Barrier (Self-released) – Sludge
  • RadiantWritten By Life (Massacre) – Hard rock
  • Ruby The HatchetLive At Earthquaker EP (Magnetic Eye) – Hard rock/stoner
  • SerpentshrineAllegiance To The Myth (Signal Rex) – Black metal
  • ShindownPlanet Zero (Atlantic) – Rock
  • Skull FistPaid In Full (Atomic Fire) – Heavy/speed metal
  • Somali Yacht ClubThe Space (Season Of Mist) – Stoner/shoegaze
  • Speckmann ProjectFinds Of Emptiness (Emanzipation) – Death metal
  • Static AbyssLabyrinth Of Veins (Peaceville) – Death metal/doom
  • Stone BrokenRevelation (Spinefarm) – Melodic metal
  • Tigers Of Pan TangA New Heartbeat (Mighty Music) – Heavy metal
  • TyrannusUnslayable (Self-released) – Thrash/black metal
  • ZaneShe Has Wings (Wormholedeath) – Doom/sludge

Oh hey! You found the super secret section of this week’s post that features a couple releases dropping Saturday because of Record Store Day. Find all the other Record Store Day titles Here.

Charlie Benante – Moving Pitchers

Genre: Rush covers
Origin: Bronx, New York
Label: Megaforce

RSD Info

Last year Charlie Benante (Anthrax) released an album over quarantine covers that was essentially a compilation of stuff from his YouTube channel. Suspiciously absent were his takes on Rush songs. Well, here there are now. With pals Alex Skolnik (Testament), Ra Diaz (Suicidal Tendencies), Brandon Yeagley (Crobot) and Mee Eun Kim (TSO) in tow, Charlie is dropping “Subdivisions,” “Red Barchetta,” “Freewill,” “La Villa Strangiato,” and “YYZ.” Yo, watch these proggy beats.

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Kirk Hammett – Portals EP

Genre: Rock
Origin: San Francisco, California
Label: Blackened

RSD Info Vinyl/CD

Of everyone in MetallicaI always expected Kirk to be the one to release a solo thing. I frankly just thought it would happen sooner, and I know why it didn’t (I also saw Some Kind of Monster), but still. On his first foray on his own Hammett, is dropping this four track EP of cinematic tracks. It’s absolutely not what I expected, but it makes me want more of this version of Kirk‘s mind in the main band’s output.

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